A Little Splash of Colour

Almost everything in the room was green, from the emerald tiles to the olive chairs, to the lime table, to the virescent curtains. When Lady Sinclair chose a theme, she committed. The two interruptions to the colour scheme – a splash of red and a deep, metallic grey  – would ordinarily have been welcome additions,... Continue Reading →

After the Rain

The sky was a miserable grey over the abandoned, rain-drenched pier as she stood on the very edge, looking into the beckoning deep, feeling the damp in her bones. At the last moment, she took a breath and looked up to see a sky lit up by the shimmering bands of a rainbow. She walked... Continue Reading →

Equine Conversations

There was once a girl who could talk to horses. This would have been a better gift if horses had anything interesting to say, but horses were not renowned for their conversational skills. She did enjoy telling them who to kick. This is for Three Line Tales, Week 186. Thanks to Sonya for running the... Continue Reading →


They make their mark, beneath broken glass, while the alarms sound. One keeps watch for police with itchy trigger fingers while the others laugh. Numbers have meaning and theirs mean this: that the world is over, that meaning is over, and they will make something new. This is for Three Line Tales, Week 185. Thanks... Continue Reading →

After the Crash

The crash left him gasping burning air, his head aching, scrabbling to tear himself free of the chair. Above, silhouettes gathered, their faces hidden in shadows. A flag waved overhead, but with the light behind it, he could not tell whether it was theirs or the enemy's. This is for Three Line Tales, Week 183.... Continue Reading →

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