First Frost

The first of the winter frost clung to the trees as Anaheld walked under the looming branches, carrying firewood in her arms. Little drifts of snowflakes danced around her and her breath clouded in the frigid air. There came a soft sound from the dark trees and Anaheld turned to see a beautiful woman, pale... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers – In the Grimwood

Anova rode alone alone through the Grimwood, deeper than she'd ever gone before. All around her loomed the shadows of ancient trees. In one of those shadows, the stone hut stood with its door ajar. Tempted by curiosity, Anova pushed the door open and stepped inside. Herbs and bones lay scattered across wooden shelves. An... Continue Reading →

MM – Robbery

If you did nothing illegal, it wasn't really stealing. The tax collector told himself this each night as he counted his coins, smiling as the gold ran between his fingers. He took enough to pay the Sheriff and then a little more. It all happened in a flash as he rode back through Sherwood: arrows... Continue Reading →

FFftPP– A Legacy

“You lookin’ at me?” Paxton asked, waving an accusing finger. The deer head didn't react, possibly because it objected to his attitude, but most likely because it had been dead and stuffed for a long time. It was a family heirloom, shot by Paxton's grandfather, an industrialist with a great deal of money, free time, firearms,... Continue Reading →

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