Death Blooming

In the center of the plaza, Cara watched the glass flower flutter.It was the last of its kind. The last living thing from that world, gleaming and beautiful. Everything else had burned.

Tourist Trap

He never traveled but he loved to collect touristy things: flower-patterned hats, tie-dyed shirts, kitschy magnets. His apartment was littered with them. He didn't wear them. That wasn't what they were for. He wished he could travel, but he couldn't bear the thought of flying. Sometimes he saw a plane overhead and screamed, imagining it... Continue Reading →

The Time Capsule

The old fridge lies on its side in the primordial jungle. It stinks of rotting meat and spoiled milk. Sauropods pass by, calls echoing shrill amongst endless trees. The doors open. Slowly. Hesitantly. A head pops out: battered, bruised, with wild hair. He laughs at the sight of trees dead eighty million years. He's done... Continue Reading →

As Far as She could Go

When she was a little girl, Claire hopped on a train and rode far as she could, watching the countryside roll past the carriage windows. The castle ruins loomed as the train rounded the hill, wheels click-clacking on glinting tracks. Claire's mother remembered before the ruins, when it was just a hill. Claire loved sitting... Continue Reading →

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