Cheap Rent

When Geoff had found out Kenton had used his money to buy them an office, the only thing that had kept him from strangling him was his wife holding him back, but when they arrived at the location, he had to admit it didn't look bad. "And how much did you say it cost?" Kenton... Continue Reading →

How It Happened

Nobody was sure quite how the deer had got on the roof. Little pink-jacketed Susan, her frizzy hair flying in all directions and her hands unable to stay still for an instant, suggested it came from Santa's sleigh. It wasn't Christmas, but the deer must get bored waiting in the shed, so this one wandered... Continue Reading →

A Poetic Walk

Henri prided himself on having a poet's mind. As he walked Byron, his dog – No, Hound, he thought, Hound has a better ring to it – under the verdant trees and the cloud-strewn sky, he began to think about his life and metaphors. Passing under the shadow of one tree, its pink flowers drifting... Continue Reading →

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