A Little Splash of Colour

Almost everything in the room was green, from the emerald tiles to the olive chairs, to the lime table, to the virescent curtains. When Lady Sinclair chose a theme, she committed. The two interruptions to the colour scheme – a splash of red and a deep, metallic grey  – would ordinarily have been welcome additions,... Continue Reading →

A Terrible Mistake

Lily gave Mark a look of disdain. There was, he thought, an art in the way she curled her lip. "It's not really my fault," he said. "All right." Lily sat down. "Explain. I'm a fan of absurdist fiction." "You could have left a note. 'Do Not Eat. This is for the party.' I came... Continue Reading →

At Least Ten

"I could think of no better way to tell you I love you than with this," he says, presenting her with the waffle-heart-capped dispenser. "Funny," she replies, pushing her sunglasses down her nose. "I can think of at least ten." This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Roman... Continue Reading →

Art Therapy

"Draw what you feel," the Dark Counselor had told him during his Dark Counseling sessions. So TK-910 picked up his brush and painted, drawing his desires streak by streak until he stepped back and looked at a terrified Luke Skywalker, caught right in his crosshairs, unable to escape. And this time, TK-910 wouldn't miss. This is... Continue Reading →

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