REVIEW: Star Wars Episode VI: Okay, This One Actually has Some Flaws (AKA Return of the Jedi)

And now, the insane analysis and gushing must come to a halt as I must actually do a reviewer's job and review. Star Wars and Empire are incredible movies. Return of the Jedi is very, very good. I love it. But it isn't perfect. I'm going to lay out some of it's pros and cons... Continue Reading →

REVIEW: Star Wars Episode V: The Best One (AKA The Empire Strikes Back)

All right, everybody strap in for the second installment of Star Wars Week here on LAS, building up to the release of Rogue One. This time, it's another rambling essay posing as a review by yours truly. There are spoilers, obviously, so if you don't know who Darth Vader is, stop reading now. Star Wars... Continue Reading →

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