An End to Solitude

It was midwinter and Ariella was shut in her new house by drifting snow. They should have been together, but he left her before the ink dried on the deed and she was alone amongst vast and empty rooms. At night she heard  old boards creaking. In the library she would find the fire lit... Continue Reading →

Prisoners of the Silver Screen

A bitter wind whistled past the lonely marquee, stirring the fading posters. Inside, light flickered through the reels, strange shadows stretching between chairs. The reel ticked and whirred. Dust drifted across the ancient film, where black-and-white figures danced in an elegant ball-room, their sixteen-millimeter steps flawless but silent. But among them were a few whose... Continue Reading →

FFftPP – Her

She's always there:  tall, pale, beautiful as the stars and the moon on the clearest of midwinter nights. No words ever come from between her blue lips, the color of frost. At times, it seems like she's trying to tell me something. I can see her reaching out, fingers grabbing towards me. Once, those fingers... Continue Reading →

FFfAW– Ghost Town

Word Count: 150 The Saloon was empty when John entered. The pool table sat untouched, the little balls just sitting with out purpose where they'd last been. Sitting down at the bar, John listened for the slightest hint of movement. He heard nothing. "What can I get you?" a man asked, appearing silently. He wore... Continue Reading →

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