A Long Awaited Guest

Inside the old manor, the Baron stood surrounded by rotting wood and cloth, the paint curling from the walls. "Time," he muttered through grey, cracked lips. "It's time." A hand of bone struck the great, rust-covered gong and the sound echoed through the halls, shaking cobwebs and stirring clouds of dust. The Baron made his... Continue Reading →

Spectres of Sins Past

"Grim is the occasion that brings us together," Lord Gravven said, his head bowed low, the ring on his finger glinting in the light of the candles burning throughout the church. Hundreds of faces watched him, lining the pews. "A year has passed," he continued, "since the terrible fire that claimed our beloved Brother Tomas... Continue Reading →

The Fallen Statues

In days of old, the marble statues had lined the streets, painted in colours bold and regal. Hair of gold and silver had hung over the points of their ears and shadows had played over their sharp features. The statues, like their makers, had been beautiful. Nobody argued with that. But their beauty was a... Continue Reading →

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