2016 Golden Globes Recap/Reactions

Another year, another bout of watching Ricky Gervais roast a bunch of celebrities at the Golden Globes. It's a wonder the people behind the show keep letting him back, seeing as his shtick involves open contempt for the people in the room. Not that I mind, since he was hilarious as usual. But this recap... Continue Reading →

Sherlock Discussion- Sure, we’re late, but Moffat’s a Thought Criminal and Sherlock’s an Egg

Welcome to the LAS Blog's first Sherlock Discussion! If you're familiar with our Doctor Who Discussion, this is done in a similar style, with J.A. Prentice (JA)¬†and Jaden C. Kilmer (JC) talking about the episode, going extremely off-topic, and then giving our final score. Before we begin, I'd like to issue two apologies, one for... Continue Reading →

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