Never Cross the Old Bridge at Midnight

"Hold the bridge!" the commander had yelled. The horde had been almost upon them, their iron blades gleaming, so much darker than the gleaming bronze of the defenders. The defenders had stood there as an endless wave of barbarians surged towards them, knowing that this would be their last stand. "Hold the bridge!" Centuries later,... Continue Reading →


"So," Alice asked, waving the plush green toy up and down in front of his face, "what do you think?" "Will I ever be free of stain of Universal?" Adam replied in his deep, faltering voice. "Or shall that image be a pestilence upon me until the end of time?" "That's what you get for... Continue Reading →

How Things Changed

Seeds and orange gunk fell on the white tile, discarded results of his butchery. Putting down the knife, he looked at the carved pumpkin, at the cruel cuts and jagged edges. When she had been there, the pumpkins had seemed beautiful and his carving had been loving, but now they were just pictures of his... Continue Reading →

FFfAW- Strange Cargo

Here's my response for this week's Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. This time it's a little more "Halloween" than yesterday's Mondays Finish the Story due to involving less cute cats. Take some time to check out the other responses as well by following the link. Word Count: 150 The ship had been sitting there in the dock... Continue Reading →

The Inbetween

Here's another short, free flow piece of writing to keep the Halloween spirit going. Also I have been told by a fellow blog runner that if a piece of bad language to specify just in case we have younger viewership... So yeah. Language warning? ************************************************************************************************* A thick fog came without warning, as if it had... Continue Reading →

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