The chimes of the clock ring out over the fog. Shadows stretch from grey buildings over grey streets. The Thames winds under bridges and past docks, murky water seeping up the bank. The stink hangs over the city, a smell of people and industry and waste, a stench that worms its way into the bricks.... Continue Reading →

A Song of Waves and Steel

Mighty oars and mighty arms haul the longship across grey waves Bright prow towers o'er briny water Golden dragon's tongue is red like blood And along the curving hull round shields like scales lock They come as day breaks o'er the shore with splitting axe and slashing sword and cutting knife Before them sounds the... Continue Reading →

Silent Defender

Jamia crouched in the darkness of the coves, her eyes on the shoreline. The cliffs were pale and sheer, growing dark where they met the rising tide and brown where they met the sloping greenery. The water rippled, stirred by the raven-headed galleys darting towards the shore. On the benches, pale, fair-haired men in mail... Continue Reading →

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