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Welcome to yet another Living Authors’ Society Doctor Who Discussion! Join Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice as we examine the latest Doctor Who episode, Extremis. 


Warning. There are Spoilers ahead. Everyone who has read the Spoilers has chosen Hell. Proceed with caution.



Cheerful fifties tunes greeted Tara and Greg as they walked into the diner, a bell chiming behind them. There wasn’t a speck of dust in the place.

“Hi, folks!” a waitress said. “What brings you to our diner?”

“We needed somewhere quiet,” Tara said. “Somewhere to relax.”

The waitress smiled. “That’s usually what it is.”

The world flickered, like a bad signal on a television: counter rippling with black mold, music slowing, the waitress’s face rearranging itself like a jumbled jigsaw.

Tara blinked and all was normal again.

“So,” the waitress asked, leaning close, “what can I get you?”

Word Count: 99

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Roger Bultot for providing the prompt photo!

Welcome to the Living Authors’ Society Doctor Who Discussions, where the arguments are made up and the scores don’t matter. Join J.A. Prentice and Jaden C. Kilmer in our look at the latest Doctor Who episode: Oxygen by Jamie Mathieson.


There are SPOILERS past this point. And believe me, this episode had a big one, so consider yourselves warned.


Knock Knock
Welcome to another Doctor Who Discussion with Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice. This week, we’ll be reviewing Knock Knock. Join as we use our little grey cells to examine and debate the latest episode of Doctor Who, written by Mike Bartlett and guest-starring the brilliant David Suchet!
Be Warned: There are SPOILERS below the tag!




Leafless branches shivered in the wind, shaking loose the white frost that clung to them. This was a lonely corner of the grounds, overgrown and untended. The owner of the house upon the hill – its stone walls reaching up towards the sky, spreading its wings like a bird in flight – could not bear the sight of the tombstone.

It had been there three hundred long, cold, solitary years, resting atop ancient bones that he was too afraid to have examined.

Written upon the tombstone in bold, capital letters was his own name.

Word Count: 92

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Liz Young for providing the prompt photo!


The wheels make no sound as they turn; the chain is silent as the barren desert. There is no rider – and no bicycle. Only the shadow can be seen, moving swiftly down the street.

Some days it goes unnoticed, when the crowds are so thick that one more shadow is scarcely remarkable or when the streets are so empty that nobody sees it racing around and around, circling like a vulture.

It is impossible, of course: a shadow without a caster.

But just because it’s impossible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Word Count: 91

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Jellico’s Stationshouse for providing the prompt photo!


From above and below, bare branches reached for Piran as he raced through the forest, creaking with the wind. A lingering leaf caressed his cheek as it drifted into grey mist. Shadows swirled around him, as though they were dancing a secret dance.

In his hand, he held the hilt of the blade: twisted silver and bronze that had turned green with age. He had found in the mounds, buried amongst bones and dirt, and taken it for his own: a hero’s blade, to fend off the creatures that had infested the wood.

The mud ahead of him shifted and a withered black shape arose, long limbs unfolding with the creak of decaying wood, eyeless sockets like burnt pits staring. It was a wood-troll, wrought of rotten log and murky mud, and it blocked the only path.

Piran charged, blade in his hand and a prayer on his lips.

Word Count: 149

This is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Yarnspinner for providing the photo prompt!