The Modern Prometheus

There is a man in the mountains who wanders by the roadside, picking up the pieces of cars that have fallen. He carries them gently back to his house and hangs them upon his wall. His wife calls him foolish but one day, he says, he'll have enough to make a whole car. This if... Continue Reading →

A Little Splash of Colour

Almost everything in the room was green, from the emerald tiles to the olive chairs, to the lime table, to the virescent curtains. When Lady Sinclair chose a theme, she committed. The two interruptions to the colour scheme – a splash of red and a deep, metallic grey  – would ordinarily have been welcome additions,... Continue Reading →


Ohwonoh stuck the antenna into the carton and set it carefully next to the plastic steak. His lip motors twitched. Perfect. Ohwonoh was an eccentric even by the standards of his model. He had developed a taste for what he described as "an authentic lifestyle, in the model of the Creators." Faith in the Creators... Continue Reading →

A Routine Stop

"Do you have any idea how fast you were going?" the police officer asked. She had a hard face and a torch that scorched his eyes like a small sun. "Quite fast, ma'am," James replied. "Quite fast indeed. Any reason for the urgency?" "Just eager to get home." He smiled nervously. There was a mewling... Continue Reading →

Sound Advice

Mostly, everyone in the town was rubbish. The sort of snooty, upper-class people who'd never give to a charity they couldn't write off on their taxes and who went through cars like toothbrushes and toothbrushes like tissues. They were always loud about the colours of cups and silent in the face of brutality. But there... Continue Reading →

How It Happened

Nobody was sure quite how the deer had got on the roof. Little pink-jacketed Susan, her frizzy hair flying in all directions and her hands unable to stay still for an instant, suggested it came from Santa's sleigh. It wasn't Christmas, but the deer must get bored waiting in the shed, so this one wandered... Continue Reading →

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