Picking Up the Pieces

At the hands of Cedric the Bull, a hundred yellow heads rolled from the grey two-by-four of the executioner's slab. When the valiant knights of the Yellow Castle climbed the high walls of his fortress, they found them lying in a pit ten bricks deep, all jumbled together. It took ages to match them up... Continue Reading →

A Terrible Mistake

Lily gave Mark a look of disdain. There was, he thought, an art in the way she curled her lip. "It's not really my fault," he said. "All right." Lily sat down. "Explain. I'm a fan of absurdist fiction." "You could have left a note. 'Do Not Eat. This is for the party.' I came... Continue Reading →


"So," Alice asked, waving the plush green toy up and down in front of his face, "what do you think?" "Will I ever be free of stain of Universal?" Adam replied in his deep, faltering voice. "Or shall that image be a pestilence upon me until the end of time?" "That's what you get for... Continue Reading →

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