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After an extremely long hiatus, I swear I still actually write. It’s just all editing novels that I can’t post here.

This is a writing exercise for class to create conflict using just physical detailing. No plot, tells, or author interpretations. It’s a good exercise for people to try out… to better your writing and to stir some creativity if you’re going through some writing block.


Dust plumed from the pile of metal debris that crumbled into itself. Chunks of cinder block and cement piled onto a large metal sheet that had snapped in half. The man ran up to it and threw all of his weight with his shoulder against the debris. He gripped the jagged end of the metal sheet, then ran his hands along it in search of a smooth handle. When no such surface revealed itself, the man grit his teeth, tightened his hold onto the sheet, and let out a deep grunt as he tried to lift the sheet with a mountain of debris piled high. It did not budge, even as he used his full strength.

He continued to try to lift it, huffing so hard that strings of saliva shot from his open mouth, hung from his lips, and stuck to his chin with warm, bubbly strings. Beads of sweat rolled down and gathered at the tip of his nose while his face turned deep pink, then red, then vibrantly red. The tendons in the front of his throat tightened and jutted out to create a deep v-shaped canyon around his Adam’s apple and the tendons of his wrist bulged and vibrated like piano strings. A deep, guttural grunt escaped his tightly clenched cheeks, and it turned into sharp wincing as the jagged edge of the metal sheet shredded the flesh of his hands in chunks held together by flaps of skin. His nose crunched upwards. His brows pinched inwards. And his entire face scrunched up with veins forming down the middle of his forehead and on each side of his neck. His vision became wavy and darkened at the corners as blood vessels popped inside of his eyes and his entire body yanked upwards and jerked to a stop over and over, but he still couldn’t lift the debris. His feet scraped at the floor until eventually he ran in place, throwing everything he had into the metal sheet, ignoring the screams around him and the scratching in his throat due to the cloud of dust and ash. Tears began to blend with the sweat that beaded on his face, soaked his shirt at his chest and armpits, and bled down his sides, turning the fabric several shades darker. Snot trailed down to his top lip, which had started to turn blue despite the redness of his veiny, glistening face. His hair was matted and dripping, and sweat poured from his brow and into his eyes, and his lashes fluttered to ease the stinging, but he couldn’t let go of the metal sheet.

Even when his arms and legs started convulsing, and his stomach sank and tucked under his ribs, jumped back out, and then sank back again with every deep rapid breath, he still did not let go, and finally he managed to raise the stack of metal debris a few inches. His eyes widened until they bulged from their sockets and his teeth bit down on his bottom lip, pressing into them so that they made a deep impression. Spit bubbles sputtered from the small gaps between his teeth, creating wet fizzling sounds as his grunting grew higher in pitch to that of a whistling whine. His teeth ground together until his knees finally buckled, and his legs gave out, and he slumped over, knocking his head on the metal sheet. He let his arms dangle at his sides loosely while blood trickled down his fingers, built up at his fingertips, then dripped to the ground beneath his knees. The dust cloud settled around him, but he could feel sandy grains on his tongue, seeping into his gums and the roof of his mouth. The man tried to spit, but the warm mix of saliva and blood and dust latched onto his lips and teeth, teetering up and down with each of his breaths that made his back rise and his spine jut out. His whole body started jolting as he released a voiceless, airy cry…

Poem – Just After Midnight

Posted: July 22, 2016 by J.A. Prentice in Poem
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Black skies

Grey water

Pale moonlight

Cold steel

Red stain

And a white flower, tossed forevermore on a relentless tide…



Technicolor Ocean

Glass-winged butterfly

Flutters from white tulip to golden buttercup

Red roses beckon

Crimson beauty disguising dagger-sharp thorns

A sea of flowers surges out

Over caramel earth and verdant grass

The butterfly glides over them

A sailor alone in that floral ocean

Giving himself to the rise and fall of wine-dark tides

His white cap lost to the sightless depths

Sinking through the midnight waters

To rest on sandy ocean floor

Like a bleached skull in a barren, beige desert

Amidst dunes that rise and fall without sign of life

Grains of sand calling out for the slightest drop of water

Dreaming of green plants and flowing sapphire streams

Where tulips and roses and buttercups bloom

Waiting for a glass-winged butterfly


Poem- Walk

Posted: November 16, 2015 by J.A. Prentice in Poem, Uncategorized
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Soft earth underfoot

Grey skies overhead

The air is thick with petrichor

It remembers the rain

I’m moving without thought

Gliding steadily on

The cold wind tugs at my jacket

My feet go one after the other without being told

They need no instruction from me

I give myself to my thoughts

Letting them settle on my mind

Like frost on a winter morning

Poem- Technicolor Ocean

Posted: November 13, 2015 by J.A. Prentice in Poem
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Glass-winged butterfly

Flutters from white tulip to golden buttercup

Red roses beckon

Crimson beauty disguising dagger-sharp thorns

A sea of flowers surges out

Over caramel earth and verdant grass

The butterfly glides over them

A sailor alone in the ocean

Giving himself to the rise and fall of wine-dark tides

His white cap lost to the sightless depths

FFfAW- Oasis

Posted: October 20, 2015 by J.A. Prentice in Flash Fiction
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Here’s my entry for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.

Word Count: 147

This week’s photo provided by TJ Paris

He watched as the butterfly touched down on the branch, legs dancing over milky green leaves, fat with water. Salmon flowers burst into life around it, promising nectar.

The plant was a oasis, a respite in the endless sea of dirt. Sunlight pounded down mercilessly. Everything was dry and cracked, like the lips of a dehydrated prisoner.

He licked his own lips, trying to replenish the moisture they’d lost. They felt rough and lifeless, full of flaking skin.

He watched the butterfly take off again, soaring away with a flutter of translucent wings veined with black. His eyes remained fixed on it until it became only a speck in the distance, lost against the barren landscape and cloudless sky.

He broke a leaf from the plant and squeezed it for a few bitter drops. Then he walked off, holding the image of the butterfly in his mind.

Poem- Black Tower

Posted: September 23, 2015 by J.A. Prentice in Poem
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This is a poem I wrote using some fantasy imagery. There’s a bit of a story to it, but it’s more of a scene.

Black Tower

Black stone tower stands over desolate wasteland

Surrounded by death- lifeless rocks, leafless trees, fields of dirt

Once there were great fields of dandelions,

Vineyards of fertile vines, bearing grapes the size of apples,

Forests full of arching branches and bright green leaves

Running brooks, crystal clear

Long grasses and shade-granting trees

Now- nothing but death and desolation

The black tower stands

And within the arched hall

There sits a man upon on a broken throne

His fingers grasp it like an infant grasping its mother

Robes of power drape greying bones

Lifeless eyes sit beneath golden crown

Once there was life here, but no more

No more