Behold, A Mural of the Internet, by the Internet

    When reddit's annual April Fools Joke/Social Experiment was revealed to be a collaborative/competitive mural, it seemed like a project destined for disaster. Who would ever want the collective forces of the internet in charge of creating something like this? And the first few drawings seemed to be what everyone would predict: Penises, dickbutt,... Continue Reading →

On Reddit, April Fool’s jokes turn into insights on human psychology

Here’s a question for you all. How many random internet users do you think can join a chat room before someone starts ruining it for everybody? Or in other words, what’s the ratio out there of trolls to, well, normal interneters? Reddit’s annual April Fool’s joke seems to have an answer: About one in fifty. […]

A History of Youtube Part 3: Content Creators

The girl, the wit, the eyebrows. One decade ago, a series of mysterious videos appeared on Youtube from the account lonelygirl15. Even in this early, even primeval state of youtube, vlogging and confessional videos were popular. And a girl talking into the camera about her personal life was not very unusual... but "unusual" is exactly what this... Continue Reading →

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