The Wizard and His Apprentice

"Did you see this, wizard?" Nimue asks. Her voice is the wind, whistling through the breaks in the twisted tree roots. He remembers how first saw her, her hair falling in tangled midnight waterfalls, her eyes oceans of endless blue. A nobody from nowhere, coming to him on bended knee. He remembers her laughter, her... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Boy

In the days before the fall of Britain, in the court of Arthur, there was a boy named Gareth who cleaned pots and pans while the knights drank and boasted of their great deeds. "Beautiful hands," they called him, jeering and drunk, while he rubbed his fingers raw on their plates. But he knew that... Continue Reading →

His Last Command

Dying light gleamed on still water. He stood in the mud by the lake's edge, feeling it creep over his boots. In his hand, the sword glowed red, catching the sun. Blood dripped onto his hand: his lord's or his enemy's, he did not know. Bedwyr breathed and raised his hand to hurl his dying... Continue Reading →

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