In days before the rise of the sun, they danced in the endless shadows. Her laugh rang out and became the eldest star, burning brighter than any other. And when the world was forged, they raced along the burning fragments, singing as the magma cooled and the mountains rose. Then they were split asunder as... Continue Reading →

First Frost

The first of the winter frost clung to the trees as Anaheld walked under the looming branches, carrying firewood in her arms. Little drifts of snowflakes danced around her and her breath clouded in the frigid air. There came a soft sound from the dark trees and Anaheld turned to see a beautiful woman, pale... Continue Reading →

Poem – Moonlit Midsummer

She was the Grey Lady Keeper of Gates of Pearl and Obsidian She would watch forever-and-a-day And make sure nobody would ever breech those mighty walls But upon a moonlit midsummer's night When faerie queens and elven lords walked the darkened woods He came to her A simple man in simple clothes A lyre strung... Continue Reading →

FFftPP – Her

She's always there:  tall, pale, beautiful as the stars and the moon on the clearest of midwinter nights. No words ever come from between her blue lips, the color of frost. At times, it seems like she's trying to tell me something. I can see her reaching out, fingers grabbing towards me. Once, those fingers... Continue Reading →


Someone once said to me "all we are is simply this piles of star dust on a rock floating through space and waiting to die" And this is true But as we wait As we take our journey into the aether As the stars dance around us As we struggle against the infinite And make... Continue Reading →

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