Logs Bound For Sherwood

The cart was stopped on the way out of the town gates by two of the Sheriff's guard. They were usual sort he hired: tall, muscular, with the unpleasant sort of expressions that suggested a childhood hobby of strangling kittens. "Get out," the first man snarled at the cart driver. "What is this?" "There's a... Continue Reading →

The King of Bones

In the ruins of the hall, the mad king kept his court. His tapestries were crawling ivy, his musicians cawing crows. He sat upon a throne of skull and stone, his sunken eyes glowering at his subjects: foxes and badgers and feral cats, a snarling court of white-toothed beasts. Nobody came here, not anymore. He... Continue Reading →

A Good Eye For Archery

Fingers pulled back on the bowstring. Sparrow could feel it fighting her, all the power of the strained yew struggling to break loose. Below, the sounds of battle raged, a warring tide of blood and steel. Swords struck against mail; maces clashed with helms. She shut it all out, ignoring screams and shouts and ringing.... Continue Reading →


I had yet to share any of my writing onto this blog (or to get back to work on it after recovering from a surgery), and am unable to share a full short story with this page. But this is a scene that came to me one day that I will hopefully be able to... Continue Reading →

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