FFfAW- Memories in the Stones

Photo prompt provided by Louise of the blog The Storyteller's Abode. Thank you, Louise! The street is old. Emerald moss grows on weathered grey roofs. The walls are the sort of grey that's on the edge of black. I don't like old things. I can feel the history in them. Hear me out before you... Continue Reading →


I was stunned to hear that Barbara Beacham, the host of Mondays Finish the Story, had passed away. I always loved contributing to her challenges and even though I didn't know her beyond that, her loss still stings. It's insane to think that the person who devoted her time to making those wonderful challenges is... Continue Reading →

Poem- Old World

Old World There was a time when the world was young When colours were brighter When smells were stronger When the air was full of music And our hearts were full of life There was a time when our world was one When spirits and elves danced amongst the woods And everything rang with joyous... Continue Reading →

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