Reader’s Choice Story Part 2

Hello everyone, sorry for the long wait! It's time for Part Two of the Reader's Choice Story! Last time I only managed to get one suggestion for Part One of the Reader's Choice Story so, obviously, that suggestion won! Big thanks to werrf for suggesting that something that Kayla bought was what protected her from... Continue Reading →

Cardiff, we have disagreement- A Doctor Who Discussion

Doctor Who's ninth series is nearing its conclusion, with only one or two stories to go. The latest episode, Sleep No More, is proving divisive. And in a shocking turn of events, that divisiveness applies even to us! NERD FIGHT! NERD FIGHT! Caution: This Nerd Fight may contain spoilers or traces of Spoilers. If you have an... Continue Reading →

A Masquerade for the Damned

In whirlwind circles, hand in hand with their partners, the dancers danced to the the song of violins arguing with flutes, and a heartbeat drum collaborating up with tambourines. To the untrained eye, the ballroom was chaos, but in reality, the dance floor was a perfect orchestration, the dancers the marionettes and the music the... Continue Reading →

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