F*** it! We’ll have our own Oscars!

Oscar nominations are in, and we like a lot of what the Academy has chosen to honor. Eight nominations for Arrival?  Love it. Kubo and the Two Strings with a nomination for visual effects? Unprecedented. Fantastic. Finding Dory not given a cursory nomination just because it's Pixar? Great. And then we get to the original screenplay award... The Lobster has... Continue Reading →

Rogue One is a less enjoyable experience than eating an above-average burrito

When I went to go see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last Saturday, I went in full of hope and an empty stomach. My burrito which I got on my lunch break at work and did not have time to unwrap, was left in the back seat of my car for a late night snack. Somewhere... Continue Reading →

10 Cloverfield Lane Review

(This review is SPOILER-FREE) 10 Cloverfield Lane is the new JJ Abrams produced thriller that's fast becoming a surprise hit. Produced in near total secrecy and advertised in intentionally vague manners, it's a movie that seeks not to answer questions but raise them. And every single question was provoked in just one word: "Cloverfield." It could... Continue Reading →

Byzantium- Movie Review

DISCLAIMER: I have a very different opinion on this movie than my fellow Living Author, Philip. Saoirse Ronan has finally made herself known to movie buffs around the country with her Golden Globe nomination for best actress for Brooklyn, with plenty of Oscar buzz building. While I was not too thrilled with the movie, as you... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn- Movie Review

I've just got home about five minutes ago from a double feature at the theater. I saw both Brooklyn and Spotlight, two movies getting tons of Oscar buzz, but flying under the radar at the box office. (There was a grand total of 22 people watching each film combined, counting me.) I'm going to do two separate reviews... Continue Reading →

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