Three Line Tales – Letters to Someone

Since before anyone could remember, the post box had been there: black and gold, never showing a sign of dust or decay even though nobody had ever seen anyone cleaning it. It wasn't very clear who it belonged to, but somedays, strange letters would appear in it, marked with odd stamps nobody had ever seen... Continue Reading →

“Can you solve the mystery?” Flash Fiction Challenge: One Line Story

Fire flickering back and forth on the dropped match by his hand, Alexander Maestro lay stabbed in a locked chamber with his only company a giant idol on a platform decorated with ancient symbols of eyes and crossed keys. I haven't done one of Kimberley Crawford's awesome challenges in a while because I keep missing... Continue Reading →

FFftPP– The Dagger

Enough is enough, Tara thought, her Converse All-Stars pounding against the gravel. No more running.  She ducked behind a tree, hoping they'd pass her by. Her brow was wet with sweat; her every breath was a heavy pant, released in a cloud. The hilt of the dagger strapped to her belt felt cold in the early morning... Continue Reading →

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