Sign of the Rose

Hey everyone! Sorry for being gone so long – I'm going to try to get back on top of posting – but I return with exciting news! My short story, "Sign of the Rose," has been published by Crimson Streets, who also published "The Lazarus Riddle." It's a Victorian-era murder mystery which I'm quite proud of.... Continue Reading →


First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of activity over the past month. A combination of work, lack of energy, and writer's block led to the least productive writing month of my life. Hopefully I can get things back on track for the New Year. Secondly, I'm excited to announce the publication... Continue Reading →

“The Lying Detective” is actually the episode that doomed Sherlock

Sherlock's Series 4 has been, rightfully, criticized, both by Rotten Tomatoes certified critics and little wordpress group blogs. But there's been a running theme of positivity amidst all the criticism: The second episode, "The Lying Detective," was a strong episode bookended by poor ones. I'm here to tell you that "The Lying Detective" actually doomed... Continue Reading →

The Missing Phone

"Last night," the woman said, "Miss Amelia Edwards went missing immediately after leaving her office." Victoria leaned forward, studying her two visitors: one man, one woman, both in black suits. Government service was written all over them: the office-chair postures, the cut of their clothes, the silenced pistols tucked into their coats. "And you want... Continue Reading →

The Pearls

"I remember one day..." Mrs. McCallum stroked her cat with a wrinkled hand. "Father sat with me at his side and I listened to him play while Mother danced... We'd lost so much, but we still clung onto those pearls." Victoria Burton sighed. "Please try to remain focused. No extraneous details." "They were stolen." Victoria... Continue Reading →

They Look Like Strangers

  She leans her back against the fence, green hood pulled low over tightly-woven braids, and whispers, "The number?" Giving no sign that he's seen her, he replies, "Oh-Nine-Oh-Seven-Two," and then walks past, as if on an afternoon stroll. With a small, fleeting smile on her dark lips, she slips away, saying nothing more, trusting... Continue Reading →

A Mind Like Mercury

"Watch them," Victoria Burton said, standing over the crowd like a hawk searching for its prey. "Watch every motion, every little detail, every expression that crosses their faces." James looked and saw crying children, ruffled businessmen, chattering travelers, but no sign of the diamond. How had she even known it would be at the airport?... Continue Reading →

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