So Close to the Edge

Reddish-brown ledges capped with green growth stretched into the distance. The sky was clear as a painting. He felt the warmth of the sun against his skin. It was like a postcard but could touch and smell it. He'd never felt so alive. Then the ledge gave way. Gravity latched onto him like a hell-fiend,... Continue Reading →

Spirit of the Forest

Robin moved swiftly and silently through the ancient forest, his leaf-green hood blending with the trees, his mighty bow of yew in his hand. He stopped before the clearing, watching the creature from the shadows, sunlight dancing along its white coat as he stretched back the bowstring. It turned to look at him with a... Continue Reading →

SPF – Enough

Swaying and grunting under the weight, Maggie and Nick dragged the old furniture down into the creek. They trampled through grass and bushes, breaking flower stalks in half and pounding petals into the ground. Deep footprints sank into the mud. "This is a good place," Maggie said, coming to a stop. Nick nodded and let... Continue Reading →

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