Tangled’s Sequel/Spin-Off is doomed

At the end of Tangled, Princess Rapunzel looked like this: In the trailer for her sequel TV movie/show, she looks like this: You might have noticed some small differences. Disney seemed reluctant to commit to the bobbed version of Rapunzel. They animated her with the new hairdo in the short film Tangled: Ever After and in her Frozen easter egg, but... Continue Reading →

In Defense of The Phantom Menace

  The 1999 release of The Phantom Menace has got to be one of the weirder events in cinema history. A full two decades after the release of Star Wars, the OG blockbuster franchise returned to expand its universe and tell the story of one of the most iconic villains in all of movies. It was perhaps... Continue Reading →

Writing Like Taylor Swift

Fearless leader Prentice is currently experiencing the joys of a post Brexit UK. Never fear, I'm here to try and step up my slacking article writing duties in the interim. Today's piece will teach you how to win ten grammys and become the best selling musician in the world. (Your results may vary.) Taylor Swift.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on self-publishing

It's been about three months since the self-published release of my YA novella, Revenant. (shameless link here!) It's been an interesting experiment, but one I'd overall call a success. Below are some scattered thoughts about the whole process. It's easier and harder than you may think. To self publish a book on amazon, all you gotta... Continue Reading →

The Martian- Book Review

A plan never survives first contact with the enemy. So, there's this movie out. And Matt Damon plays an astronaut that gets left behind on another planet. No, not THAT movie where Matt Damon plays an astronaut left behind on another planet. The other one. You've probably seen the commercials. And like a lot of blockbusters, it's... Continue Reading →

What not to do when writing a book- as told by Reddit

Hello, Jaden here. I'm also Living Authors Society's resident redditor. A thread posted yesterday caught my eye, and I think it offers some helpful, relevant tips for writers. (And some snark. Because reddit.) I think it's especially important because these answers are from prospective readers, not writers. It's the audience.  The question posed was "What... Continue Reading →

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