F*** it! We’ll have our own Oscars!

Oscar nominations are in, and we like a lot of what the Academy has chosen to honor. Eight nominations for Arrival?  Love it. Kubo and the Two Strings with a nomination for visual effects? Unprecedented. Fantastic. Finding Dory not given a cursory nomination just because it's Pixar? Great. And then we get to the original screenplay award... The Lobster has... Continue Reading →

Our Top 5 Movies of 2016!

Welp, it's that time of year again. Fuck the Oscars, I'm sure everyone is just dying to know what two WordPress hacks thought of the year in film. So let's get right to it, shall we? Jaden's Picks Welp, 2016 sucked politically and celebrities-you-love-not-dying-ly, but it did not suck in film. While last time around we were... Continue Reading →

It’s Oscars Eve. Here’s my final, complete list of movie ratings from 2015

Plus quick reviews for the oscar nominated ones! Inside Out 9.4/10 All right, I'll shut up about this one. You know both J.A. Prentice and I love it. Spotlight 8.8/10 "Unfortunately for Spotlight, I tend to like Disney movies and hard sci-fi more than talk-heavy biopics, but of all the talk-heavy biopics I've seen, this may be my... Continue Reading →

Brooklyn- Movie Review

I've just got home about five minutes ago from a double feature at the theater. I saw both Brooklyn and Spotlight, two movies getting tons of Oscar buzz, but flying under the radar at the box office. (There was a grand total of 22 people watching each film combined, counting me.) I'm going to do two separate reviews... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: The Valeyard, Morbius Doctors, Looms, Sylvester McCoy, Meryl Streep, and Hans Zimmer Weren’t in This Episode, But Somehow We Ended Up Talking About Them Anyway

After watching Heaven Sent, the latest episode of Series 9 of Doctor Who, J.A. Prentice (JA) and Jaden C. Kilmer (JC) try to have a coherent discussion. Due to the shocking and stunning nature of the episode, this is more difficult than it would seem. Read more for their thoughts on the penultimate episode of this... Continue Reading →

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