Resting on Laurels (100 Stories 100 Days update)

On day 5 of my personal challenge to write 100 stories in 100 days, I wrote story number four and it was a winner. I was extremely happy with it and think it has a good chance of getting accepted somewhere. It is now day 11 and I've written a grand total of one story... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on self-publishing

It's been about three months since the self-published release of my YA novella, Revenant. (shameless link here!) It's been an interesting experiment, but one I'd overall call a success. Below are some scattered thoughts about the whole process. It's easier and harder than you may think. To self publish a book on amazon, all you gotta... Continue Reading →

A Writerly Obsession

This post is a part of Vampire Week, in celebration of my YA vampire novella, REVENANT, releasing on amazon and kindle! US store link We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you a longer than normal, and quite personal, post. Vampire Week trudges on! I was going to use today to talk about the two... Continue Reading →

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