A Song of Waves and Steel

Mighty oars and mighty arms haul the longship across grey waves Bright prow towers o'er briny water Golden dragon's tongue is red like blood And along the curving hull round shields like scales lock They come as day breaks o'er the shore with splitting axe and slashing sword and cutting knife Before them sounds the... Continue Reading →

Poem – Fate’s Quill

In tower cloud-tall In star-bright sky Where Dream and Destiny meet Mingling in lover's kiss She sits at her desk Ink-black quill in hand Steeped in blood and gold With one stroke, fortune rises With another, doom falls Each letter shaping future In scrawling dark calligraphy Shaped by her pale hand Death she writes Doom... Continue Reading →

Poem – Moonlit Midsummer

She was the Grey Lady Keeper of Gates of Pearl and Obsidian She would watch forever-and-a-day And make sure nobody would ever breech those mighty walls But upon a moonlit midsummer's night When faerie queens and elven lords walked the darkened woods He came to her A simple man in simple clothes A lyre strung... Continue Reading →


Someone once said to me "all we are is simply this piles of star dust on a rock floating through space and waiting to die" And this is true But as we wait As we take our journey into the aether As the stars dance around us As we struggle against the infinite And make... Continue Reading →

Poem- A Howl Like Thunder

Obsidian-black night Stained with crimson Wolf prowls Claws scraping at the rocks Eyes darker than the night Sharp claws and sharper teeth Flesh-tearers Flesh-biters Grey fur already matted with scarlet It hunts by the light of the moon Prey – unsuspecting, unprotected It pounces. Kills. Feasts. It raises its head and lets loose A howl... Continue Reading →

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