Running Down Corridors

Fluorescent light gleamed on cold, metallic walls. The white and grey sterile corridors were freezing, as if the whole building were a giant refrigerator. There wasn't a soul in sight. Then a door was flung open and four figures burst out at tremendous speed: a mad-looking man in a tattered coat and scarf and three... Continue Reading →

The Last Garden

All around, there is sand, ash, dirt – stretching on and on to the blood-red horizon and the jagged outline of the desolate mountains. The earth is dry as old bones. Everything is dead here. It has been dead for a long time. But there is the garden. White flowers spout from grass, turning their... Continue Reading →

SPF – Armour

Lieutenant Jeffries knelt in the trenches, watching the silent battlefield before him. It was a world of mud and blood and rain, a wet and murky place where the nights rang with laser fire and thunder. Lightning flashed over the distant mountains, barely visible through storm clouds and gas clouds. A bitter chill filled the... Continue Reading →

TLT –A World of Rectangles

They were rectangular buildings around a rectangular stretch of flat, featureless artificial grass, a world of straight lines and right angles.Under the light of the city's false sun, they'd built it, carefully planned and structured down to the last detail, but soon found that the people were driven insane by its orderly construction and perfection.... Continue Reading →

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