It’s Oscars Eve. Here’s my final, complete list of movie ratings from 2015

Plus quick reviews for the oscar nominated ones! Inside Out 9.4/10 All right, I'll shut up about this one. You know both J.A. Prentice and I love it. Spotlight 8.8/10 "Unfortunately for Spotlight, I tend to like Disney movies and hard sci-fi more than talk-heavy biopics, but of all the talk-heavy biopics I've seen, this may be my... Continue Reading →

2016 Golden Globes Recap/Reactions

Another year, another bout of watching Ricky Gervais roast a bunch of celebrities at the Golden Globes. It's a wonder the people behind the show keep letting him back, seeing as his shtick involves open contempt for the people in the room. Not that I mind, since he was hilarious as usual. But this recap... Continue Reading →


And so we have come to the end of Vampire Week. There only three days til Christmas, (seriously? Only three already?) and most of the stories you'll read set round Christmas are cheery, light, feel-good things. My novella isn't one of them. Revenant is, well... a new fangled kind of Christmas story. Here's one last... Continue Reading →


Well, Vampire Week is nering its close, and it probably wasn't the best idea to do this during Finals Week. (An even more soul-sucking week.) Hectic schedules mean planned articles about Kristen Stewart's underrated ability as an actress and comparing vampires across time periods go in the "unfinished" pile. With two days left, it's probably... Continue Reading →

Dissecting Buffy’s two best Episodes

Before there was Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, there was another franchise that centered around everyone's favorite bloodsucking supernatural monsters. That was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A show well and truly a product of the 1990's, sometimes it was just cheesy. Sometimes it was just a guilty pleasure. Sometimes... it was brilliant. The two episodes of Buffy most often singled... Continue Reading →

A Writerly Obsession

This post is a part of Vampire Week, in celebration of my YA vampire novella, REVENANT, releasing on amazon and kindle! US store link We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you a longer than normal, and quite personal, post. Vampire Week trudges on! I was going to use today to talk about the two... Continue Reading →

A Writerly Obsession- Part 2

Below are a series of poems dealing with adolescence through the eyes of a children's book character- Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Adolescence and Alice in Wonderland make appearances in my novella REVENANT, on sale now at amazon and available for free with Kindle Unlimited. This is part of a series of pieces for Vampire Week in promotion. There's... Continue Reading →

Byzantium- Movie Review

DISCLAIMER: I have a very different opinion on this movie than my fellow Living Author, Philip. Saoirse Ronan has finally made herself known to movie buffs around the country with her Golden Globe nomination for best actress for Brooklyn, with plenty of Oscar buzz building. While I was not too thrilled with the movie, as you... Continue Reading →

To kickoff Vampire Week, it's probably best we let you know what all the hullabaloo is about. My YA novella REVENANT is available for download now on Amazon! No, it's not related to the Leonardo DiCaprio movie. It's a brisk, action-packed story of two friends in Portland, Oregon that must fight for their lives against... Continue Reading →

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