FFfAW– What We’ve Lost

Standing tall over the waves, the colossus gazed out into the west. Once it had looked out over a port, but now that port was rubble. All the ancient buildings had crumbled away, leaving only a few walls and columns to remember them by. A woman stood in the shadow of the colossus and imagined... Continue Reading →

Mondays Finish the Story- The Lost Civilization

It's Monday and that means a brand new Mondays Finish the Story. This week I was kindly given the opportunity to pick the theme: ruins. Check out the original prompt here to see other great stories or to make your own attempt. It's a great chance to challenge your writing skills. I highly recommend it for anyone... Continue Reading →

Short Story- The Elf Queen

This is a short story I wrote, an attempt at a fairy tale style. It focuses primarily on my version of elves, who have more in common with the morally-ambiguous, often sinister elves of Medieval European mythology than the modern fantasy Tolkien-derived elves. I tried to stay away from getting bogged-down in specific geography and... Continue Reading →

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