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Welcome to yet another Living Authors’ Society Doctor Who Discussion! Join Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice as we examine the latest Doctor Who episode, Extremis. 


Warning. There are Spoilers ahead. Everyone who has read the Spoilers has chosen Hell. Proceed with caution.


Welcome to the Living Authors’ Society Doctor Who Discussions, where the arguments are made up and the scores don’t matter. Join J.A. Prentice and Jaden C. Kilmer in our look at the latest Doctor Who episode: Oxygen by Jamie Mathieson.


There are SPOILERS past this point. And believe me, this episode had a big one, so consider yourselves warned.


Knock Knock
Welcome to another Doctor Who Discussion with Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice. This week, we’ll be reviewing Knock Knock. Join as we use our little grey cells to examine and debate the latest episode of Doctor Who, written by Mike Bartlett and guest-starring the brilliant David Suchet!
Be Warned: There are SPOILERS below the tag!





Was the most recent Doctor Who episode empty nonsense or a solid commentary on industry and humanity? Well Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice are about to duke it out.

There are Spoilers for Thin Ice past this point.



There once was a world made of clockwork, of ticking gears and gleaming bronze, made by hands old as the stars, hands that turned first to bone and then to dust, scattered upon the winds over an endless desert a thousand ages before the clockwork people began to think.

All things begin to think if you leave them long enough. They dream simple things – dreams of turning, dreams of whirring – those simple things become complex as a spider’s web, and then the thinkers Are.

A clock as tall as a mountain sat at the heart of this world, surrounded by a city of rising rings where each and every object was in motion. Upon the turrets of the clock, over the numbers of the moon-round face, rested the dragon. All the clockwork people feared the dragon, for death was in its rusting breath and its ruby-bright eyes.

All save one: a clockwork knight of shining steel.

The knight feared nothing, for that that was how he had been built, and he braved rust-breath with cutting sword and gleaming shield.

Day after day, knight and dragon fought, their duel without end, until the day when all gears will run down.

Word Count: 199

This is for Sunday Photo Fiction. Thanks to Jade M. Wong for the photo!


Flocks of steel sweep the skies, birds of prey with sharp eyes and sharper claws.

The hooded figures stop in the shadow of an archway, letting their hunters fly overhead, careful not to make the slightest movement.

This is their world: where the eyes of their masters are always on them and bullets fall like spring rains.

This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Caleb Woods for providing the prompt photo!


The Mechanism has always been there.

It was there when the first peoples arrived, huddling in the dark, their fires burning bright amongst the white expanse of ice and the deep shadows of old trees.

It was there when the new settlers came, faces pale and hard, hearts full of gold, guns full of lead and powder, ready to cleanse and claim by blood and fire.

It was there when they cleared the trees and raised the new houses: suburban homes, nestled together like cells in honeycomb.

And today…

Today the great hand jerks to life.

The Mechanism moves.

Word Count: 99

This is for Friday Fictioneers. Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for running the challenge and Jennifer Pendergast for providing the prompt photo!