The Future is Green

A breeze whistled between the branches. No. Not a breeze. Just the whirring of the fan overhead. He had to remind himself of that. It all seemed so very real. The Garden spread out before him, rows of green, trees lined up like soldiers heading off to war. He found it hard not to think... Continue Reading →


Nothing grew here that wasn't supposed to. Each species of plant had been carefully selected, its seeds packaged, and meticulously planted in place under the bright, droning lights of the Botanical Lab. But when Stackpole did his examination, he found strands of webbing. No spiders had been selected for transport and there were certainly none... Continue Reading →

The Town Wakes

The town wakes with the dawn. Scarlet sunbeams dance on marbled sea. A salt-laced breeze wafts between brick houses and through white-framed windows. Butchers, bakers, fishers – all go to work, waiting for the tourists. And they come – more trickle than flood, a steady drip-drip of mothers and fathers with shrieking blond children, old... Continue Reading →

Her Cup Runneth Over

"Seriously," Jenn said, holding up the goop-laden cup, sticky brown liquid coursing over her hand, "what does corporate think coffee looks like?" Walter sighed. Reclined in his chair, he threw his ball up in the air, watching it bounce against the ceiling. "I'm sure if you sent a complaint," he said, "they'll get right on... Continue Reading →

Party Above the Clouds

Laughter echoed through the dirigible. Wine corks popped, letting foam splash into thin glasses. The band played on and the party swayed with the music. Anna pressed her nose up against the glass, looking at the ground far below, almost lost in the wreath of clouds. She remembered looking down before, when the cityscape had... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: The BBC Marketing Team Needs to be Fired

Welcome to the penultimate Doctor Who Discussion, as Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice discuss the first part of the Series 10 finale, World Enough and Time. For our discussion of the poem from which the title comes, see our upcoming series J.A. Prentice talks about Elizabethan poetry while everyone else falls asleep. Read on for almost as... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: Sometimes a God Turns Into a Seal and You Just Gotta Deal With It

Welcome to this week's Doctor Who Discussion! Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice discuss the latest episode The Eaters of Light, noteworthy for being written by a returning classic series writer, Rona Munro. Read on for our thoughts and spoilers. JA: I feel like your prediction from last week is going to be accurate. Jaden: I have... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Discussion: Two Writers Try to Remember How Nails Work

Welcome to Living Authors' Society's latest Doctor Who Discussion. Jaden C. Kilmer and J.A. Prentice take a look at Saturday's episode, Lie of the Land, the conclusion to the story begun in Extremis. Read on for our thoughts. There are SPOILERS ahead! JA: Overall thoughts? Jaden: They done messed up. JA: OK, I thought I'd have to be... Continue Reading →

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