Death Blooming

In the center of the plaza, Cara watched the glass flower flutter.It was the last of its kind. The last living thing from that world, gleaming and beautiful. Everything else had burned.

The Answers to Every Question

At the far edge of what we call the Universe, the scribes of Urizen scribble ink-black words into their sacred books, writing down all they see with their burning eyes. Their eyes are endless: they can observe the tiniest movement of a neutron and mark the cold, slow deaths of galaxies. Anything and everything can... Continue Reading →

Our Bright Future

They have flying cars in our shining future, just like we said they would. But when we say "they," we only mean them – the rich and the beautiful, the gods in their new Olympus. Down here on the ground, in a world of graffiti, neon, concrete, and filth, you have to settle for wheels. This... Continue Reading →


Nothing grew here that wasn't supposed to. Each species of plant had been carefully selected, its seeds packaged, and meticulously planted in place under the bright, droning lights of the Botanical Lab. But when Stackpole did his examination, he found strands of webbing. No spiders had been selected for transport and there were certainly none... Continue Reading →

Where the Spiders Ruled

There was a world where the Spiders ruled, scuttling about their high cities on their thin, twitching legs. In the darkness of the deep mountains and in the bright light of snow-capped peaks, they wove tapestries beyond compare, strands of white silk stretching and dancing. They wove vast webs that stretched in mighty columns, harvesting... Continue Reading →

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