Rider sits in the dark and listens to the click-clack of the wheels, to the heaving of the engine. He was born here, with the rhythm of the rails in his soul.

Mind Your Head

It's not the height you have to worry about when you pass through the gate, it's the angles. They aren't quite right (not euclidian enough, they say, though we have tried our best) and people have been known to go mad at the sight of them and at the glimpses of what lies beyond, outside... Continue Reading →

Death Blooming

In the center of the plaza, Cara watched the glass flower flutter.It was the last of its kind. The last living thing from that world, gleaming and beautiful. Everything else had burned.

The Time Capsule

The old fridge lies on its side in the primordial jungle. It stinks of rotting meat and spoiled milk. Sauropods pass by, calls echoing shrill amongst endless trees. The doors open. Slowly. Hesitantly. A head pops out: battered, bruised, with wild hair. He laughs at the sight of trees dead eighty million years. He's done... Continue Reading →

An End to Solitude

It was midwinter and Ariella was shut in her new house by drifting snow. They should have been together, but he left her before the ink dried on the deed and she was alone amongst vast and empty rooms. At night she heard ¬†old boards creaking. In the library she would find the fire lit... Continue Reading →

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