The Modern Prometheus

There is a man in the mountains who wanders by the roadside, picking up the pieces of cars that have fallen. He carries them gently back to his house and hangs them upon his wall. His wife calls him foolish but one day, he says, he'll have enough to make a whole car. This if... Continue Reading →

An End to Solitude

It was midwinter and Ariella was shut in her new house by drifting snow. They should have been together, but he left her before the ink dried on the deed and she was alone amongst vast and empty rooms. At night she heard  old boards creaking. In the library she would find the fire lit... Continue Reading →


The chimes of the clock ring out over the fog. Shadows stretch from grey buildings over grey streets. The Thames winds under bridges and past docks, murky water seeping up the bank. The stink hangs over the city, a smell of people and industry and waste, a stench that worms its way into the bricks.... Continue Reading →

After the Crash

The crash left him gasping burning air, his head aching, scrabbling to tear himself free of the chair. Above, silhouettes gathered, their faces hidden in shadows. A flag waved overhead, but with the light behind it, he could not tell whether it was theirs or the enemy's. This is for Three Line Tales, Week 183.... Continue Reading →

Sign of the Rose

Hey everyone! Sorry for being gone so long – I'm going to try to get back on top of posting – but I return with exciting news! My short story, "Sign of the Rose," has been published by Crimson Streets, who also published "The Lazarus Riddle." It's a Victorian-era murder mystery which I'm quite proud of.... Continue Reading →

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