An Apology and a Refresh

I apologize for yet another long absence – I was engaged in a project that took a lot of my writing time and my energy. My hope is to rejuvenate the blog a little and to that end I have updated the theme and tweaked the "About" and "Published Stories" pages that have been long... Continue Reading →

After the Crash

The crash left him gasping burning air, his head aching, scrabbling to tear himself free of the chair. Above, silhouettes gathered, their faces hidden in shadows. A flag waved overhead, but with the light behind it, he could not tell whether it was theirs or the enemy's. This is for Three Line Tales, Week 183.... Continue Reading →

Memories of the Sea

She loved the sea-things the best: the sponges, the shells, the seaweed. She kept them on a little table where she could always see them. But they were sad things too. The sponges were dry. The seaweed was brittle. The shells were hollow as promises. How she hated promises. How she hated her life. A... Continue Reading →


Ohwonoh stuck the antenna into the carton and set it carefully next to the plastic steak. His lip motors twitched. Perfect. Ohwonoh was an eccentric even by the standards of his model. He had developed a taste for what he described as "an authentic lifestyle, in the model of the Creators." Faith in the Creators... Continue Reading →

The Evening Cottage

Alfred had little in the way of luxuries. His cottage was a tumble-down thing, crawling with leaves and spiders. He worked eight hour days, toiling as a laborer. His muscles were the only thing he had still worth anything. The world had moved on and he'd never managed to catch up. Five centuries and he'd... Continue Reading →

Wandering Soles

They are wandering shoes, soles worn through walking, tips taped in layers of silver. The dust that coats them is the dust of a hundred places, scattered far and wide. She wore them for many years, when her stomach roared with hunger and her fingers stung with cold. Now they sit beside a half-dozen other... Continue Reading →

Children of Iron and Steam

When the other children played with dolls, Riko played with wheels. When they discovered boys and girls and kissing, Riko discovered clockwork. And when they had their families, Riko had children of iron and steam. This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Gemma Evans for providing the prompt... Continue Reading →

A Simple Message

The tour guide stood just to the side of the carving. She smiled the smile that had gotten her hired and waited for the group to stop murmuring. "This carving," she said, "was made at least six hundred years ago. Nobody really knows what it was supposed to represent–" A woman in the back made... Continue Reading →

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