The Serpent on the Road

They say that on her long and winding road, All-Mother Macca met a great serpent, his body river-long, his teeth knife-sharp, his eyes star-bright. The serpent devoured her and for three days she lay in his belly. On the third day, she struck through his heart and cut her way out, leaving his bones to... Continue Reading →

The Star-Stone

The elders told of how the stone arrived, trailing fire and smoke, kicking up clouds of dust as it slammed into the earth. They had understood that it must be a gift from the gods, sent from the stars like a streaking arrow. For a thousand years, it was a place of sacrifices: gold, silver,... Continue Reading →


White stairs stretched forever, up and down, repeating floor after floor, glistening and clean. He had forgotten his forgotten his name, forgotten his story, forgot anything but the stairs. Sometimes he wondered if this was Hell and what monstrous things he could have done to deserve it. This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to... Continue Reading →

A Place of Rest

The White Horse was a pub like any other, full of good ale, better people, and the roar of laughter. The fire in the hearth burnt like a sunset behind mountains of black charcoal and the dartboard was peppered with the stab marks of near-perfect games. Old friends talked long into the hours of the... Continue Reading →

The Danger Outside

In the dark and silent day, the call goes out. "Stack the chairs and bar the doors!" Then they wait in trembling stillness for the footsteps to stop in the halls. This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge and Daniel Von Appen for providing the prompt photo!


She floats like a feather on the breeze. The bite of her arrows is the scorpion's sting. Her laugh is birdsong. All the land tells tales of her, the wild outlaw in the forest, roaming the branches with a bow of yew and a tigress's smile. They talk of the Sparrow. Everyone has their own... Continue Reading →

A Game of Masters

Across the chessboard, their eyes meet. His are green ringed with amber, sharp as knives. Hers are so deep a brown they're almost black, an endless void. Victoria slides a pawn gracefully onto a black square. Her opponent's white teeth glint. The game is begun. The clock hands raced like horses and she watches his... Continue Reading →

Shadow Academy

There is a school that does not advertise, that has no website, no campus tours. Its alumni are the powers behind the world, the figures in the shadows, whispering in the ears of presidents and kings. They are the writers of history. This is for Three Line Tales! Thanks to Sonya for running the challenge... Continue Reading →

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