SPF – Armour

Lieutenant Jeffries knelt in the trenches, watching the silent battlefield before him. It was a world of mud and blood and rain, a wet and murky place where the nights rang with laser fire and thunder. Lightning flashed over the distant mountains, barely visible through storm clouds and gas clouds. A bitter chill filled the... Continue Reading →

TLT –A World of Rectangles

They were rectangular buildings around a rectangular stretch of flat, featureless artificial grass, a world of straight lines and right angles.Under the light of the city's false sun, they'd built it, carefully planned and structured down to the last detail, but soon found that the people were driven insane by its orderly construction and perfection.... Continue Reading →

TLT – Pursued

His skin is coated in tattoos, his head hidden by the shadows of a black hood, his fingers covered in gleaming rings, his muscles like a bull elephant's, and she is certain – absolutely certain – that he has been following her for a block now. There's no time to run as he catches up... Continue Reading →

A Flock of Doves

From her balcony, she watches and listens to the revels. A boom like a cannon, then white shoots across the sky. Doves, she thinks. They look like doves. She remembers the dream of freedom. Broken chains and shattered collars. It drove her once, possessed her, made her inspire others. They became strong, filled with flame.... Continue Reading →

FFfAW – Falling Bird

The pilot was dead. Blood trickled slowly from the nasty gash along his forehead, splattering scarlet on the controls and seat. The helicopter's nose was pointed down and dragging the rest of the craft with it. Winding from side to side like a drunk, it dove towards the gleaming skyscrapers. In the back, Eve hurriedly... Continue Reading →

TLT – The Crucial Time

Gold-polished fingernails opened the cold metal casing, revealing the ticking clock within. The second hand spun round and round, fast as lightning in a storm, but the other two hands were frozen in place over numbers that slowly changed into strange, alien hieroglyphs. "Perhaps," the girl said, knowing that this might be the moment she... Continue Reading →

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