Rock Paper Scissors, TEN! A Doctor Who Discussion

Welcome to LAS's final Doctor Who Discussion of the series! Read on to find out what J.A. Prentice and Jaden C. Kilmer thought of the episode and the series as a whole. There are SPOILERS ahead. Jaden: Holy shit. (That's my way of saying I've seen the episode.) JA: That was my reaction too. Hopefully in the same... Continue Reading →

A Lightless Realm

Blacker than black. Endless, lightless, infinite.  A canvas painted only in the deepest, darkest colours stretched as far as the eye could see. This was her world: a lightless, shapeless, timeless void where she tumbled, her breath fogging up the inside of her visor, her motions restricted by the white suit that bound her like... Continue Reading →

The Worst Thing in the History of Everything Ever – Reviewing Attack of the Clones

I'm borrowing I Hate Everything's tagline here because there isn't a more eloquent way to put it. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is the worst thing in the history of everything ever. George Lucas had two years to revise the things that went wrong in The Phantom Menace and learn from the criticism it got to... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Playing

There's two questions on the lips of thousands of people who pre-ordered No Man's Sky. "So... now what?" followed by "is that it?" There may never be another game like this. The idea is extraordinary. If you haven't heard, then I'll let creator Sean Murray pitch it to you; here's what he said in an interview... Continue Reading →

The Martian- Movie Review(s)

On Friday, both Joshua (JA Prentice) and I went to see Ridley Scott's The Martian in theatres. I had read the book, (and wrote a review about it!) he had not. We do, however, both love science-fiction and critiquing things. After a brief odyssey involving the world's most specifically placed and inconveniently timed traffic-jam which forced us to watch... Continue Reading →

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