The Only Way to Win the Game

This close he can hear the clock ticking. He checks his rifle, glances at the hotel below. The target will be outside soon, off to sell secrets. His Employer doesn't want that. Any minute now. Behind him, he hears his name. His real name. He turns. He didn't expect to see the most wanted woman in the... Continue Reading →

An Ordinary Woman

Afterwards, all they talked about was how ordinary she had been. She'd come to work at eight on the dot. She baked cakes for birthdays. She smiled and knew everybody's name. Her desk was covered in little plush penguins – there was a new one every week. The only odd thing was those very long... Continue Reading →

Spy Rendezvous

Eve sat in her hotel room and waited. Her heart pulsed away in her chest. She reached into her handbag, lying on the creme sheets, and wrapped her fingers around the grip of her gun. It was cold, hard, focused. The feel of the metal always calmed her: an instinct from years of training. You... Continue Reading →


The two men pulled over next to the little diner, the blue neon dancing over the hood of their car. The taller man looked up at the sign. Patriots.  "Our contact has a sense of humour," he muttered as they went inside, carrying black briefcases. The contact was waiting for them: a small, nervous-looking man with... Continue Reading →

Four Minutes

The image flashed on the screen: the palacae, the golden statue, the green of the trees. It all seemed so quiet, so serene, so normal. "You understand, of course," the man in the golden mask explained, turning to look at his bound prisoner, "that they will not even have the time to feel fear before... Continue Reading →

SPF – Holding On

As she clung the underside of the car, the only thing Eve could think was that this wasn't a very good idea. Wind ripped at her, trying to pull her free, and she could feel her cold fingers losing their grip. No, she thought. I won't fall. I can't fall.  Focus. She tried to keep her eyes ahead... Continue Reading →

FFfAW – High Heels

Beautiful as a star-strewn sky, she strode through the room on stiletto heels. They chimed as they struck the tiled floor. Light streamed in from outside, shining through the elaborate wooden patterns and onto the chocolate-colored tiles. Across the room she saw him: handsome, bald, wearing a grey suit. He nodded to her. They both knew... Continue Reading →

FFftP– Moving

The last time, everything fit in three duffles. That had been convenient. A whole life in three bags. This time, it threatened to be more than we could possibly carry. The bags just piled up, filled to bursting even after we'd gotten rid of everything we both decided we were willing to lose. The dustbins out back were full... Continue Reading →

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