Seeing Stories

Stars spread out through the black sky in a twinkling band. Freema and Benny lay together on the grass. Winds stirred the sides of the tent just behind them. "What do you see up there?" Freema asked. Benny shrugged. "Stars. Clouds." "But what do you see? What shapes?" Benny closed her eyes for a moment,... Continue Reading →

Glass and Starlight

His bulbs caught the light of distant stars – a sliver of their magnificence, bound in flickering wire and gleaming glass. They burned bold and bright for year after year – as long as the stars stayed in the sky, the bulbs would glow, he promised – and people flocked from across the world to... Continue Reading →


Someone once said to me "all we are is simply this piles of star dust on a rock floating through space and waiting to die" And this is true But as we wait As we take our journey into the aether As the stars dance around us As we struggle against the infinite And make... Continue Reading →

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