My new story, "Godmaker," has been published on Beneath Ceaseless Skies! This means not only is the story available from a great publication, but there is a podcast reading available, performed by Michael J. DeLuca!

The People in the Photograph

I walked past a picture of Paris on the sidewalk this morning. Old superstition says photographs steal the soul. Utterly ludicrous, of course. Photographs don't steal souls. They merely copy them. Ah, I can hear you scoffing. But the photograph copies everything else, doesn't it? You think I am just a mad old man, don't... Continue Reading →

After the Rain

The sky was a miserable grey over the abandoned, rain-drenched pier as she stood on the very edge, looking into the beckoning deep, feeling the damp in her bones. At the last moment, she took a breath and looked up to see a sky lit up by the shimmering bands of a rainbow. She walked... Continue Reading →

PSA: Please stop calling things “plot holes” when they’re f@#$%ing not.

Hi. I liked The Last Jedi. If you did not like The Last Jedi, that's cool. It's got its issues. There's issues with pacing and scenes that don't need as much screentime, and I'm undecided about the character of Rose and that, uh, thing she does to Finn which made him angry. I'm not gonna stand here and tell you... Continue Reading →

What She Saw In The Storm

The sea surged against the rocks, pummeling cliffs into cascades of stone and dust. Wind whipped against the villagers' skins as they pulled themselves onto the roofs, watching streets become rivers and rivers become oceans, murky water flooding the low ground. Cries rang out over the hard drumming of rain against earth and the wolf... Continue Reading →

Origami Escapism

Paper folds easily in her fingers, shapes forming from orange, blue, yellow, green. She makes boats and birds and swords and cars and aeroplanes, putting them in a little row under the shadows of the barred window. She wishes more than anything she could make a key. This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks to... Continue Reading →

F*** it! We’ll have our own Oscars!

Oscar nominations are in, and we like a lot of what the Academy has chosen to honor. Eight nominations for Arrival?  Love it. Kubo and the Two Strings with a nomination for visual effects? Unprecedented. Fantastic. Finding Dory not given a cursory nomination just because it's Pixar? Great. And then we get to the original screenplay award... The Lobster has... Continue Reading →

The Winter Outside

Audhyld looked out at the horses, waiting in the windswept white. "How long are you staying?" asked the tavern-keeper, looking from Audhyld to her four companions. "Just an hour or so," Audhyld replied. "Enough time to eat, to get warm..." She adjusted the sword hanging from her belt. "Then we'll be on our way." "Off... Continue Reading →

Thinking of Butterflies

Pulsing green light surrounded him inside the angular chrysalis. Even when he closed his eyes, he could still see it, sun-bright upon his retinas. It felt like it was trying to burn straight through him. He had volunteered and now the chrysalis was unmaking him and remaking him, pulling him apart and stitching him together.... Continue Reading →

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