Dying of Thirst

The metal chair is like ice against her skin. She breathes, drawing in stale air and the sterile, chemical scent of the room. It has been scrubbed clean, every last trace of DNA burned away. They have left her here, alone, knowing that nobody will find her in time. It is too late. She can... Continue Reading →

Alone Upon the Ice

They set the chair in the middle of the lake, above creaking ice. The sun was already rising, hairline cracks spreading, water splashing through. The ropes bit into her wrists and her ankles, tight enough to leave bands of red. She glared at them with hate-filled eyes as they stepped back, smiling and laughing. "You... Continue Reading →

In the Freight Yard

Line after line of freight cars filled the space under the bridge, a maze of towering boxes, waiting to move. She drifted through them, light on her feet, trying not to make a sound. Each time she passed between cars, she knew she might see her pursuer's bloodshot eyes staring at her across the tracks.... Continue Reading →

What the Books See

Innocent as lambs, the books wait. Professor Lucas stares at the books, pushed against each other like vertebrae in a crooked spine, and wipes the sweat from his brow. With a shaking hand, he reaches up and pulls one down. He looks around like a frightened groundhog, heart racing so violently he thinks it might... Continue Reading →

SPF – Holding On

As she clung the underside of the car, the only thing Eve could think was that this wasn't a very good idea. Wind ripped at her, trying to pull her free, and she could feel her cold fingers losing their grip. No, she thought. I won't fall. I can't fall.  Focus. She tried to keep her eyes ahead... Continue Reading →

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