The Only Way to Win the Game

This close he can hear the clock ticking. He checks his rifle, glances at the hotel below. The target will be outside soon, off to sell secrets. His Employer doesn't want that. Any minute now. Behind him, he hears his name. His real name. He turns. He didn't expect to see the most wanted woman in the... Continue Reading →


Smoke trailing from his cigarette, Mr. Ellis watched the moon rise over the sea. White light danced on rippling waters. He was safe on his yacht. She couldn't find him here. In New York, in Cairo, in Hong Kong, he had seen her bright eyes and known she was there for him: one of a... Continue Reading →


The road wound like a snake over the treetops. A soft wind blew through the leaves. It was a lonely spot, tranquil and serene. The cars raced in, streaks of red and blue, tires etched black trails into the road, engines roaring and squealing. The trees quivered like frightened children. Eve's foot was pressed to... Continue Reading →

Front Page

Even after all his meticulous planning, reporter John Clark hadn't been prepared for the bullet that tore through him. The gangsters picked up his body and began to haul it away, oblivious to the small clicks of the camera's automatic timer. John's pictures would end up on the front page after all, with his name... Continue Reading →

Four Minutes

The image flashed on the screen: the palacae, the golden statue, the green of the trees. It all seemed so quiet, so serene, so normal. "You understand, of course," the man in the golden mask explained, turning to look at his bound prisoner, "that they will not even have the time to feel fear before... Continue Reading →

Opening Lines

Today on Living Authors Society, a lecture on macro-economics, specifically supply-side economics  versus Keynesian ideology. WAIT! WAIT! Don't close the tab. I'm kidding. As usual, this post contains thoughts on writing. Specifically, opening lines and their importance. What makes an opening line good? And just how important is a good first line, exactly? Last week... Continue Reading →

10 Cloverfield Lane Review

(This review is SPOILER-FREE) 10 Cloverfield Lane is the new JJ Abrams produced thriller that's fast becoming a surprise hit. Produced in near total secrecy and advertised in intentionally vague manners, it's a movie that seeks not to answer questions but raise them. And every single question was provoked in just one word: "Cloverfield." It could... Continue Reading →

FFftP– Moving

The last time, everything fit in three duffles. That had been convenient. A whole life in three bags. This time, it threatened to be more than we could possibly carry. The bags just piled up, filled to bursting even after we'd gotten rid of everything we both decided we were willing to lose. The dustbins out back were full... Continue Reading →

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