The Winding Street

There is a street that cannot be found on any map, wandering and slithering like a serpent through the undergrowth. Old brick and peeling plaster slink from one corner of the city to the other. Even in midsummer, there is a heavy grey fog, thick as soup, and even in midday, the crescent moon hangs... Continue Reading →

Reserving a Book

The Man in White walked between white tents. Wind tugged at the corners of his robe. The brim of his hat hid his face in shadow. He came to a stop in front of the bookseller. She looked up at him and smiled a crooked smile from behind crooked glasses. Books rose and fell behind... Continue Reading →


He stood on the edge and breathed. His eyes closed, he felt the wind against his cheeks, the cement under his feet, and the emptiness in front of him, pulling at him like an eager lover. He heard the screeches of tiers, the laughter of children, and the honk of horns. The city throbbed around,... Continue Reading →

A Dance in the Dark

Brooke's feet pounded the pavement as she raced under the shadowy sea of dark clouds. Behind her, the people danced, a whirling storm of limbs around the death-like figure who grew larger with each passing instant. The sway of the dance was like a storm. Brooke drew a silver shard from her pocket. Holding it... Continue Reading →

Pale Hands at Midnight

At midnight, she rummaged through the dumpster with long, pale, mud-stained fingers. All around her, other shadowy people were doing the same, their saucer-wide eyes watching for a sign of the Abovefolk. She chanced upon two bears and a doll, neglected and forgotten. Taking them in her arms, she carried them Beneath, where all the... Continue Reading →

Secret Things

When he had captured the unicorn, he'd thought it would make him rich, that all the world would know his name, but it hadn't taken long for him to learn the truth. He had brought it before the television presenters, all those cameras staring, all those faces, and it had flickered like an old television... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Contract

He watched from the shadows as they came with their machines and their axes and their ropes, cutting and grabbing and pulling. The tree groaned and shrieked, but they kept on, tearing at it until it toppled in a storm of green needles. They cheered, their voices carrying through the still air to the silent... Continue Reading →

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