Candles in Winter

Pale icicles hung from leafless branches as Breda stood in the woods, wrapped in a grey cloak, eyes fixed upon the tower window. She saw the flare of a candle, bright as the first star. Words rushed through her head, memories falling like snowflakes. "It can't be. I'm promised to another." She remembered the tears... Continue Reading →

The Winter Outside

Audhyld looked out at the horses, waiting in the windswept white. "How long are you staying?" asked the tavern-keeper, looking from Audhyld to her four companions. "Just an hour or so," Audhyld replied. "Enough time to eat, to get warm..." She adjusted the sword hanging from her belt. "Then we'll be on our way." "Off... Continue Reading →

Poem- Old World

Old World There was a time when the world was young When colours were brighter When smells were stronger When the air was full of music And our hearts were full of life There was a time when our world was one When spirits and elves danced amongst the woods And everything rang with joyous... Continue Reading →

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