Curing Writer’s Block

The page is always blank to start with: stark white like a snowfield, ink dripping from the pen like ash. Then you start to write and it just flows, flows like a river, winding, twisting, so fast you can barely lift your pen from the page and all the words and sentences jumble together. How... Continue Reading →

Resting on Laurels (100 Stories 100 Days update)

On day 5 of my personal challenge to write 100 stories in 100 days, I wrote story number four and it was a winner. I was extremely happy with it and think it has a good chance of getting accepted somewhere. It is now day 11 and I've written a grand total of one story... Continue Reading →

Poem- Blank Page

I wrote a poem about an experience every writer knows- Writer's Block. If you're not a writer, you should be glad you don't have to deal with it. The poem is intentionally melodramatic for hopefully humorous effect. Blank Page O Hated Adversary! You mock me with a pristine smile Unmarred by any mark We find ourselves... Continue Reading →

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