Waiting for the Tide

Steven had a truck: a big pick-up, a little beaten with paint flecking off, but he wouldn't drive anything else. Until that night he watched the weather report. His state of mind was slightly altered, in the way fish were a little wet. When it was done, he stared at the television, blank screen reflected... Continue Reading →

A Cloudless Sky

The air supply has switched to the recycled stuff now. The others ask how he can tell, but Harrison swears he can taste the difference. He sits in the chair, as he has for the last ten hours. Since the alarms started and they were all rushed in here. The Waiting Room. A place to... Continue Reading →

Deep Time

The mountain's edges are cut glass, carved by the thousand-year grind of glaciers, softened by ten thousand years of wind. It looms, lopsided, jagged, hunched behind the swaying trees. It watches the children play and listens to the echo of their laughter, fleeting joy in the winter air. This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks... Continue Reading →

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