A Cloudless Sky

The air supply has switched to the recycled stuff now. The others ask how he can tell, but Harrison swears he can taste the difference. He sits in the chair, as he has for the last ten hours. Since the alarms started and they were all rushed in here. The Waiting Room. A place to... Continue Reading →

Deep Time

The mountain's edges are cut glass, carved by the thousand-year grind of glaciers, softened by ten thousand years of wind. It looms, lopsided, jagged, hunched behind the swaying trees. It watches the children play and listens to the echo of their laughter, fleeting joy in the winter air. This is for Three Line Tales. Thanks... Continue Reading →

A Strange Dish

He couldn't remember how he arrived. All he knew was the flicker of tallow candles, the bone-white plates, and something fried, turned over and over in batter and fat. ┬áHe prodded it with a fork, but it remained a mystery. Two great wooden heaved open and his hosts entered. There were seven of them, some... Continue Reading →

Shadow of the Enemy

The War is coming. They feel it in their bones. The shops are shut. Windows are barred. Mothers hold their children close. The streets are empty. A lone newspaper flutters on the breeze, drifting between abandoned cars. The War is coming. There has been no announcement on the radio. There has been nothing on the... Continue Reading →

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